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Review of Custom Infinity for Let It Riff!

A very nice review of a custom Infinity for Let It

Taurus Pedals – Infinity Overdrive

  • Infinity Overdrive Review - /10


The guys at Taurus pedals have been working on some great stuff recently. One of their most iconic pedals has been given a new fresh look exclusively for the Let It Riff Company. The infinity overdrive is an all around fantastic pedal.

Its just one of those pedals that happens to be versatile enough to replace quite a few pedals that you have on your board currently. The three knobs that are provided open up a new world of tonal possibilities.

Having all the knobs at 12 o’clock delivers a nice crunchy drive, similar to the sound of a clean amp just starting to break up. After that, turning up the tone and gain will get you some great blues-rock sounds. And finally cranking the gain up all the way will offer you the hard rock bite that you’ve been looking for.

It's a pedal that’s worked beautifully with everything else that's currently on my board. The Infinity Overdrive adds bite to any modulation effect, it beefs up any delay pedal you throw at it, and it screams with another distortion pedal.

Possibly one of my favorite features of the Infinity Overdrive that makes it different from most overdrive pedals is the ability to turn into a clean boost. Turn the gain to zero and you’ve got no break up, distortion, or fuzz, just a clear boost.

How does it look? Well, there’s no arguing that this pedal has looks that kill. Throw it on your pedal board and instantly you're a rock-star. Decked out with a blue LED indicator, blue knobs, and our iconic logo, there’s no doubt that the pedal is going to kick some serious butt.

If you’re looking for something that looks brighter, the Infinity Overdrive is also available in the stock neon yellow colour that is sure to turn some heads.

In conclusion, you can’t really go wrong with the Infinity Overdrive. Offering a large spectrum of tonal possibilities, killer looks, and quality that's built to last, the Infinity overdrive proves to be one of the best overdrives I’ve played with yet.


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