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Kyle Ragan is an independent musician, recording artist, and musical gear reviewer residing in Baltimore, Maryland. As the lead singer and a guitarist in the band Screams and Whispers he covers diverse musical ground. He is highly influenced by 90’s rock, pop rock, and singer songwriters. He seeks to infuse that base in music with the diverse collection of musical tastes and backgrounds of his fellow band mates. As a guitarist he seems to focus on highly melodic, rhythm driven riffs that always put the overall composition of a song first. Screams and Whispers is signed to indie label She’s Treble Records. Kyle is a veteran of the Northern Florida musical scene. Being in the prior bands Middle Ground, Standing Chance, and Losing Adelaide Kyle had the opportunity to share the stage with and open for such acts as George Clinton, Flickerstick(VH1 bands on the run), Big Dismal(Wind up records), and many more. He also performed for entities such as Sports Illustrated and Gulf 104 (radio), and Volume Magazine. These days in addition to the band he also has started a Youtube channel dedicated to guitarist gear reviews and demos. The band, Screams and Whispers is also currently recording their 3rd record due out before the end of 2015.


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