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BENEATH OBLIVION was birthed by guitarist/vocalist Scott Simpson in a dingy, river valley basement around 2003, in Cincinnati, OH- a rust belt city in the Midwest of the USA. BENEATH OBLIVION set out to create their own vision of DOOM based on the hopelessly stricken sludge of US bands at that time, mixed with elements of European funeral doom, and an emphasis on minimal, sparse arrangements. Originally a 3 piece, the trio started out playing mostly to noise, drone, experimental and DIY punk/grind shows around the Cincinnati, OH area. Mixing down tuned guitar, with the harshest of blackened screams, both as a trio and duo BENEATH OBLIVION flattened crowds. Early releases were DIY, as BENEATH OBLIVION was welcomed in the burgeoning punk/grind/crust scenes and that underground ethic has stuck with the band throughout. 

 In 2006, the band's line-up solidified, and toured the East Coast of the US, eventually befriending Important Records band OCEAN from Portland, Maine and bassist Reuben Little, which led to the Sin of Angels split LP the following year on his 43rd Parallel imprint. Soon after, the band started to correspond with then Cincinnati based label The Mylene Sheath, now based in Atlanta, GA. The band's sound had coalesced into a dirgy, heavy doom, with minimalist leanings, hypnotic drumming, devastating bass and vocals. Their self titled debut 10" record for the Mylene Sheath in 2009 was met with general praise, a sludgy counterpoint to the labels more post-rock bands, like Junius, Caspian, Gifts from Enola, and Beware of Safety. This led to BENEATH OBLIVION being tagged as "post-doom" a label that has stuck, as the band continues to push the boundaries of heaviness and doom metal in general. 

 In early 2009, guitarist Allen L. Scott, from underground funeral doom/death metal legends THORNS OF THE CARRION joined BENEATH OBLIVION. Integrating older doom influences on second guitar, with caustic samples, hints of melody and structure. The band's sound progressed further as writing for a full length began, tightened and became more lethal. With the addition of bassist Keith Messersle, the current line-up for BENEATH OBLIVION debuted properly on August 27th, 2009 at the Southgate House with Blacklight Barbarian (now Valley of the Sun) and sludge stoner legends WEEDEATER. This started an era of the band playing more concerts, becoming a tighter live unit, and opening for such notable bands as BUZZ-OVEN, KYLESA, JUCIFER, SKELETONWITCH, HARVEY MILK, AGALLOCH, and many many more. 

In 2011, the band recorded the landmark album "From Man to Dust", with Andy Perkins (Mala in Se) in a gigantic, formerly abandoned World War II era shoe factory. The huge sounds, and massive drums were captured live specifically for analog warmth on vinyl. released once again by the Mylene Sheath. The albums finishing touch featured mastering by audio legend Billy Anderson, who is quoted as saying "those are the scariest vocals I've ever heard." The album is available as a gatefold double LP, digipak, and digital release; to date the band's most accessible output. Praise for the album has been across the boards, hitting top ten lists in several media outlets, leading to interviews in Decibel Magazine and many abroad. The band supported DIY tours throughout the Midwest in 2012, culminating in the bands first Westcoast tour in late 2013, playing with several bands like Graves at Sea, Bastard Feast, TwinGiant, Ancestors, Destroy Judas,Destroyer of Light, and many more... 

 Throughout 2014, the band has been working on and recording new material for a series of split 7" and 10"s coming out in 2015 on the Mylene Sheath label ,before settling in to record the follow-up to the "From Man to Dust" album. Touring was interrupted briefly in November 2014, when the band was robbed following a gig outside Little Rock, AR. To date, most of the stolen gear was returned, thanks to the quick actions of the LR music scene, LRPD, and Jeff Morgan from RWAKE. The band debuted a new song, "Savior, Nemesis, Redeemer" with the help of CVLTNATION in November of 2014 as well, and is set on returning to the stage as soon as possible. After the series of splits start to come out, with such diverse bands as FISTER, BEFORE THE EYEWALL, and MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT, BENEATH OBLIVION will be touring throughout the US in 2015, with an eye towards Europe and Japan in 2016.

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