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Patrick Kennison Devil Driver

by Taurus Pedals SALE
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Based off our Infinity Overdrive, but with Patrick's tone tweaks and tattoo graphics the Devil Driver not only sounds awesome but looks just as good. 

Whether you are looking to add some boost to your existing tone or overdrive your sound into the stratosphere, the Devil Drive packs a punch! 

Clean Channel Use:
Set the dials to 12 o'clock, you get a tone that makes for a great chickin' pickin' or blues overdrive.

By adjusting the tone, you get variants of blues and blues rock tones.

By adjusting the gain, you get tones that scream hard rock.

 Gain Channel Use:

The Patrick Kennison Devil Driver works great for extra bite or as an overdrive for your existing tone! As you increase the gain setting, the bite gets bigger, but the tone remains clear. If you want to cut through the mix, this pedal is going to do it!


The Devil Drive sports a very nice midrange tone boost that is punchy with
a raw, very musical bark to it – without trashing out the high-end or adding a ton
of scratchy noise and buzz. Strat or Les Paul, bridge or neck pickup, full chords
and single notes both popped, producing a nice and crunchy moderate-gain
overdrive/distortion. With lower gain settings the Devil Drive made a great
boost, driving the front ends of the amps harder and adding some midrange color
and personality to their tone. Both the Devil Drive and the Acid Reflux
deliver high-end boutique tone and build quality – with just enough personality to
make them stand apart from the crowded pedal landscape. – Phil Feser Vintage Guitar October 2016



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